A generalised overview

The age that really stands out to myself and others around me as where things “started” would be the age of 16. Constant mood swings and erratic behaviour throughout my teens. Low self esteem and generalised feeling of worthlessness which then leads to unhealthy relationships because you feel that you do not deserve someone who will “look after you”. Only in the past year have things started to really start moving toward a positive step being made. Of course though you need to hit rock bottom to then climb back up. This blog will follow my crash to the bottom and the rebuilding of my life from there. It wont be an overnight journey, but with the right tools to fight with and correct support groups around you. You never have to give in to the dark side again. Sometimes though things happen and giving in is inevitable. life is unpredictable as is bipolar and we do not know where it will go. Feel free to follow me so that you can see where mine goes

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