Is love your drug?

I am a huge sucker when it comes to love. I find it so easy to fall. But so hard to fall out. Even when I know I should.

Is it the companionship I desire or to be loved?

It all comes back to a childhood of feeling like I wasn’t valued and loved for who I was. But more treated as what I could do for the family (chores etc)

I didn’t live in a house where I was shown what real happy love was. I lived in a house where love was arguments and destruction of feelings.

I’ve learnt how not to do that now. I’m trying to move forward with my life. Whilst I know I am no where near ready to love another man or even be with another man. I feel like I shouldn’t burden anyone else with my illness. Hell look what it did to my last relationship. Which has all but destroyed me.

It’s made me pretty much give up on love. They should change the word to hurt.

Do you have this problem too?


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