Do you suffer from impulsive behaviours.?

I have a few that I suffer from and that my anti-psychotic is supposed to combat. (supposed to being the operative word)

My behaviours include and have included.

– Reckless driving

– Self harm

– Reckless spending

– Promiscuos sex (formally)

– Impulse decisions

Case in point: Currently sitting in Canberra having driven two hours a day early just on a whim decision.

Had the thought come into my mind, packed my bags and here I am. Do I regret it? no.

But it does show me that some of my impulses are still lurking beneath the surface and I need to do more to combat them when they arise.

What if my impulse had of been something much worse. I need to get on top of my impulses as I feel this is crucial to my becoming as well as I can be.

Do you suffer from these as well?


5 thoughts on “Impulses.

  1. Impulsive behavior? Oh yes. I’ve acted on some and no harm, no foul, sometimes awesome. Others, life-changing consequences, not the good kind. That’s the danger, and in the throes of mania it’s difficult to think clearly as to the possible ramifications.

    A day early to a place you’re going anyway doesn’t sound particularly risky. Hope you enjoy yourself.

  2. impulse decisions have gotten me into the most problems with bipolar. i have to carefully weigh every decision at this point

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