The joys of being on medications, I have been on Xanax for two months now. When I was admitted to the psych hospital on friday I was told they didn’t stock it. Ergo, I did not receive my friday nor saturday doses. 

Needless to say come saturday I was a full on basket case. I couldn’t leave my room, couldn’t eat and could barely stop crying. It was horrible. Something I never want to feel again. 

It took one nurse, the evening nurse. To realise exactly what was going on with me and she did her job and rung to the main hospital for some to be brought to the psych unit. HOW HARD WAS THAT??? 

Why did neither of the three nurses dealing with me in meltdown mode realise what was happening to me and do their job properly. The Xanax was charted all they had to do was make a phone call and give it to me. Clearly they put it in the too hard basket. which in turn put me into the mental case basket. 

But alas, I am home now and well again. After a consult with my doctor today we are leaving me on the same dosage and not mucking around with it until I get much further into my therapy. Which for now, I am happy to comply with. 

So lesson learnt in this instance, wean off your drugs slowly and under good medical advice!! 


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