Chronic pain.

Do you suffer from chronic pain? How does it affect your other mental illness/es?

I’ve suffered from chronic pain for three years and the doctors feel it is as good as it is going to get. So I take more pills. Two different pain killers. I’ve tried two different pain patches and both had very adverse reactions. So I had no choice but to drop back to the pills. (Oh how I wish for a pill free life.

Mood stabilisers.
Anti psychotic.
Anti anxiety.
Sleeping tablets.
Pain meds. X 2

I’ve had to dedicate a whole bedside drawer to tablets alone.

Watching some late night tv. I just came across this article on chronic pain and some of the advances we are making in this area.

chronic pain article.

Definitely worth a read! It’s hopeful to see that maybe at some point we may be at a place in technology where we no longer need to take a multitude of pills to combat our physical pain at least.

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